Rhinelander Downtown Infrastructure Improvement Project
Public Informational Meeting
City Hall, 135 South Stevens Street, Rhinelander, Wisconsin
Tuesday, November 15, 2016 at 6:00 PM

11-15-2016 Agenda

The City of Rhinelander invites the community to attend a public meeting where continued presentation of information for the Rhinelander Downtown Improvement Project will be provided. This meeting will present the current status of the project to include the project work completed, cost estimates and continued schedule of 2017 season work items. The meeting will allow for discussion and feedback from the public on the project work completed in 2016 as well as allow for suggestions on remaining work to be completed.

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Final Streetscape Report

Click Here to view the final streetscape report completed that was approved by the City Council.  The level of streetscape (visible) improvements is not yet fully determined.  These provisions will require further consideration in the relative stages of continued project work.

Rhinelander City Council gets review of Proposed Streetscape plan
 at September 24th meeting

Gary Becker and Suzanne Vincent of Vierbicher Associates, the Madison-based firm charged with designing Rhinelander’s downtown streetscape project, presented a draft plan for the project to the City Council Wednesday.

(Photo by Marcus Nesemann/River News)


Short Term Plan

Long Term Plan

Rhinelander Downtown Streetscape Project
Public Meeting #2 Held Wednesday, July 23rd
Summary of Input


The second public meeting of the Rhinelander Downtown Streetscape Project was called to order at the Hext Theater at 5:30 pm on Wednesday, July 23, 2014.  Approximately 50 people attended this second public meeting.  After opening remarks by Mayor Johns, Public Works Director Tim Kingman offered a project overview and update.  Following Mr. Kingman, Gary Becker of Vierbicher Associates gave an overview of the meeting, describing the three stations at which citizens could review plans, ask questions, and provide comments.  The three stations covered Short Term Improvements for Brown Street, Short Term Improvements for Downtown in General, and the Long Term Vision.

Director of Public Works Tim Kingman told the group that surveyors would be going out in the next few weeks to locate utilities, fixtures, and rights-of way.  Surveyors would then be talking to each property owner and conducting building inspections and evaluations.  Following the surveying and fact-finding, the design process would be undertook in 2015, with construction set for 2016. READ MORE HERE

Rhinelander Downtown Streetscape Project
Public Meeting #1 - Summary of Input

Attendees: Approximately 56 (see attached list)

Gary Becker called the public meeting to order at 5:30, provided an overview of the meeting and introduced Mayor Johns.

Mayor Johns provided opening remarks.

Tim Kingman gave an overview of street reconstruction project (see attached map)

Gary Becker presented the highlights of a market analysis and then gave instructions for visiting the three stations which would  comprise the rest of the meeting.

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